London Luton Airport wants to create a new stack over St Neot’s with a new descent path to overfly towns and villages. We think that there are better alternatives. This site is to promote public information and debate.

How To Guide

Check out our ‘How To Guide‘ to completing the consultation. Click HERE! Please make sure you complete the consultation and ensure your view is heard.


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List of Objections

See our Information page for a list of objections. These try to cover the main objections to the proposed changes to Luton Airport’s airspace. As you can see, most objections are not NIMBYism but related to failures in planning and process. Please copy and paste parts of it into your response to the Luton AirportContinue reading “List of Objections”

Please complete objections

If you haven’t done so already, please complete the consultation. It’s vital as many people as possible object. If you have any questions please get in touch. Changes to London Luton Airport Arrivals – Page 1 of 3 – The Civil Aviation Authority and Airspace Change sponsors – Citizen Space